Psychologists storm the White House...

Last week I had the tremendous honor of being invited to the White House to attend a panel discussion on Mental Health in America. The panel was part of a series hosted at the White House called "Making Health Care Better." I watched the Surgeon General of the United States tell a story about how mental illness touched his family in a very personal way. I also heard from the leaders of the top mental health agencies in the U.S. (SAMHSA, NIMH, DVA, NAMI, and more) talk about advances in access to mental health care, policy changes that are improving mental health care, and future directions of our field.

Surgeon General Murthy addressing the audience

It is very common for people to experience symptoms of a mental health diagnosis, especially anxiety or depression. In his talk, Surgeon General Murthy said that only half of Americans who have mental illness ever get treatment, because of the stigma that surrounds mental illness. If you are feeling anxious, feel like you are constantly worrying about possible negative outcomes, or feeling like you are experiencing less joy and motivation in your life than you used to, you are not alone. AND you may benefit from seeking some professional help. Isn't it interesting that if this conversation were about physical illness, most people wouldn't think twice about a "check-up," but most people never consider a mental health check-up! Why not? It's a relatively small investment that can make a monumental improvement in your life.

What if people give the same advice around physical illness as many people commonly hear about their mental state:

The good news is, psychotherapy is effective for helping people improve their mental health, well-being, reduce psychological symptoms, improve relationships, and live a better life in general. Contact us today to set up a mental health check-up, or to look into addressing any mental or emotional symptoms that are getting in the way of living the life you want to be living!

See below for Surgeon General Murthy's full talk:

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