Tavi Hawn, MA, MSW, LCSW-C

"Hope is a song in a weary throat": Pauli Murray, one of my personal heros. I come back to this quote when I'm feeling discouraged or doubtful. I remember all the people who came before me and faced adversity and draw strength from them. I am a non-binary therapist with mixed roots. My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I have specialized in transgender care since 2009, giving presentations and clinical consultation to other practitioners.


Some areas of interest in therapy are: trauma recovery, including cultural trauma; identity formation; gender transition; movement, nutrition, and plant supplements for mental health; and support for LGBTQ+ family building.


Do you wonder if it's possible to live and express all your authentic identities? I know what that's like and have a lot of experience helping clients of all ages, from young kids to elders, do this.


Does it feel so hard to know how and where you can connect spiritually or heal from traumatic experiences, especially while dealing with community trauma? I'm also on my journey with learning what spiritual practices and groups of people make me feel more whole. This is something I invite into therapy, whatever your beliefs and practices may be. We'll discuss ways to maintain hope and energy and examine the ways physical and mental health connect. We'll explore ways to hold on to your culture and roots.


Are you ready to start a family and want support for all of the emotional ups and downs that exist for LGBTQ+ people on that path? I have personal experience and have worked with trans clients who have pursued various family building options.


Therapy is a collaborative process. Our time together in the office is important, but personal work outside of the session enables our transformative discussions to "stick".  You deserve to make an investment in yourself!


Testimonials: "Thanks for letting me borrow books, listening to my story, and sometimes kindly telling me when I might be a little bit wrong". (former client), "After working with you, I'm as confident in my gender as its possible to be". (former client), "Something in me broke open when you said 'All parts of you are welcome here.' I had never known radical acceptance like that". (former client)


Visit my website to learn about all your individual, couple/partnership, and group therapy options at www.hawntherapyandconsulting.com. I can't wait to meet you!


I'm out of network with insurance and can talk with you about options for payment and how to use your insurance company's out of network benefits if you'd like to get reimbursed by them.